NAME:  Traci T.

POST:   Lead Vocals; Campfire Grrrl

Born and raised in the SF bay area, Traci has her older sisters to thank for her early exposure to a wide array of rock n' roll, from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin to KISS. One of the earliest artifacts of Traci's musical career is a cassette recording of her belting out a passionate a cappella rendition of Don McLean's epic "American Pie" at the tender age of 4. That year, she also began learning piano, and her subsequent musical training has included clarinet and alto sax (she admits to high school marching band, although she insists she never actually attended band camp), various choirs, musical theater, and bands. She performed for the late Pope John Paul II; she's sung back-up for an Elvis Presley impersonator; and she's also been known to live a secret double life as a lounge singer . . .  but her heart belongs to rock n' roll, so she hopped on the bus to BAND CAMP!


NAME:  Dalmacio!

POST: Guitar, Vocals, Arts & Crafts

Dalmacio hails from the murder capital of the world (well, it was one year), Santa Cruz, CA -- home the the Giant Dipper, banana slugs, and the famous Mystery Spot. During his formative years, Dalmacio attended a Filipino dance, and there, he became transfixed on the guitarist who had an out of tune red Fender Telecaster. The tone was terrible. And young Dalmacio's path to rock stardom had begun. D-Train misspent his youth reading Mad magazine, his brother's Dynamite magazine, and Guitar for The Practicing Musician. Previous bands D was a part of included: The Hamacio Hamanis Experience, Grandfather's Hyena, and Rick City Rangers.


NAME:  Man-Todd

POST: Six-String Fire Marshall, Vocals

Todd is an LA transplant into the Sebastard-genepool (Sebastopol) where he would trade in smog and street violence for dairy-air (   )o(   ) and apple orchard wars. Todd flourished in the '80s iconic pop culture, and the life lessons learned from watching episodes of Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, and Bewitched (Dick York, btw) have served him well as a member of BAND CAMP. After some time away unlocking the secrets of the physical universe, Todd returned to beautiful Sonoma County to bring music and joy to the many. Todd likes guitar and talking about himself in the third person.    


NAME:  Johnny Atomic

POST:  Me bang drums! (and other toys)

A Bay Area native, Johnny went from children’s storybook recordings to listening to records by The Monkees and The Beatles that he found lying around the house. His drumming began when he started banging on a basketball with giant pencils in time to these records. His first musical love was rock, but his drumming experiences have been diverse. He is well-versed in  many styles – symphonic, marching corps, musical theater, and most recently, rockabilly and swing. Johnny is the only member of the band who actually attended band camp (“drum camp,” he insists), which to his good fortune was simultaneously the site of a well-attended cheerleading workshop. There were ten cheerleaders for every drummer… and this one time, at band camp…



POST: Bass Wrangler, Basket Weaving Instructor

A native son of the beautiful North Bay, KC is a complicated animal.  Introverted, yet loves attention, a vocabulary geek who still uses “dude” at least 100 times a day, he is a man of many interests who can also spend an entire weekend doing ab-so-lutely nothing. To his great fortune, KC has always been surrounded by music. A certified member of the KISS ARMY by the time he was 5, his parents instilled in him a love of music that he has carried with him his entire life. After beginning his musical exploits on the alto saxophone, he switched to bass guitar during high school and believes firmly that just because you can play guitar it does not mean that you can rock the low-end. When not dishing up steaming chunks of rock with BAND CAMP, KC also loves funk, reggae, downtempo, world music, and disco (the real 70's stuff).  He works in Tribal Gaming and leads a modest suburban existence with his wife “Kitty,” stepson “The Dude,” and pet felinus domesticus “Jinx.”


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